PIPA was formed in 2002 through an amalgamation of AusPoly and The PVC  Pipelines Industry Association (PIPA).

These two groups had preiously been a part of PACIA but split in 1999 and found themselves together again as PIPA in 2002. The purpose of the renewed PIPA was to improve the effectiveness of promoting Plastics Pipeline Systems and addressing industry issues.

Mission Statement

To strengthen and develop the PIPA organisation so as to increase technical and commercial acceptance of PVC and polyolefin pipeline systems.

Code of Ethics

All Members of the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited (PIPA) are bound by the provisions and actively encouraged to conform to this Code of Ethics.

As a Member of PIPA, and in keeping with the highest standards of service and business responsibility, I pledge to:

  • Conduct all aspects of my business in a professional and responsible manner in keeping with the spirit of this Code;
  • Sustain a level of competence expected of me as a professional operator and only supply such products and services for which I am suitably qualified;
  • Deal with all business partners and the public with honesty and fairness;
  • Manufacture and supply products and services of the highest quality and optimum value;
  • Wherever possible, use and recommend products and equipment which are manufactured with regard to their effect on the environment;
  • Engage in fair and open competition based on truthful representation of products and services offered;
  • Not intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of fellow Members;
  • Contribute to, and promote industry growth, through adhering to this Code and communicating the benefits of doing business with Member Companies.