POP 001-018 (Polyolefin Guidelines)

This document provides guidelines for polyethylene (PE) Rural and Flood Pipes used for conveying irrigation and “domestic and stock water”. They are an alternative to PE pipes complying in full with AS/NZS 4130 “Polyethylene pipes for pressure applications” or AS2698.2 “Polyethylene rural pipe”.

April, 2007

This POP is currently withdrawn as the striping requirements given in POP008 have now been adopted in AS/NZS4130.

The primary aim of this document is to provide guidance relating to the geometric specification of metal backing flanges suitable for the use with PE flange adaptors in the sizes DN20 through to DN1000 and flanges in accordance with AS 2129, ANSI/ASTM B16.5, AS/NZS 4331.1 (ISO 7005-1) and AS 4087.

May, 2015

This document describes pressure rating requirements for polyethylene fittings other than those manufactured to AS/NZS 4129.

May, 2015

This document contains guidelines for packaging, handling, and storage of polyethylene pipes and fittings. The guidelines are based on acceptable performance requirements and alternative conditions that maintain the integrity of pipes or fittings.

August, 2011

This document contains a sample of compounds accepted by the PIPA Polyolefins Technical Committee as meeting the requirements of Australian Standards.

June, 2018

This document is a guide to the butt fusion of polyethylene pipe using AS/NZS 4130 material as a basis, recommending the butt fusion procedures and parameters as specified in ISO 21307.

June, 2018

This document contains guidelines for design, selection and use of polyethylene pipes and fittings in compressed air applications. 

August, 2014

This document contains recommendations for equipment required, for jointing, maintenance, servicing and calibration procedures, records to be kept and the training program to be respected to produce good fusion joints in polyethylene pipes.

June, 2018


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