POP 101-107 (PVC Guidelines)

Number Issue Updated Title
POP101 1.4 August, 2018 PVC Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic Stresses
POP102 1.3 February, 2014 Solvent Cement Jointing of PVC Pipe
POP103 2.0 July, 2010 Depth of Engagement for PVC Pipes
POP104 1.1 August, 2007 PVC Pipe Equivalence
POP105 1.0 July, 2007 PVC Pipes in Bore Casings
POP106 1.0 October, 2011 Verification Guidelines for Best Environmental Practice PVC Pipe and Fittings
POP107 1.0 October, 2014 Measuring the PVC content in PVC pipes and fittings