AGRU Australia Pty Ltd

AGRU is a Quality Manufacturer with worldwide activities in producing and distributing of high quality plastics products for piping systems and apparatus engineering.

The AGRU production program includes pipes from 10mm up to 1400mm diameter as well as moulded fittings with different pressure ratings up to a diameter of 630mm.

The AGRU fittings programme for Butt welding, Socket welding and Electrofusion is unique regarding its quality and completeness. Furthermore the production programme includes round bars, welding rods, extruded and pressed sheets, welding machines and welding technology for the correct and durable fusion of the piping systems and semi finished products.

AGRU produces and supplies a Quality range of accessories including Backing flanges, Pipe clips, Dog bones and Valves.

High grade PE liners, AGRU Sure-Grip® Concrete Protective Liners and Double Containment Piping Systems have been developed to meet the environmental requirements.

The range of plastics materials utilised is Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF and ECTFE. Special material types such as Electro-conductive and Flame-retardant are also produced.

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please email info [at] on the east coast of Australia,
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