The Australian Pipes & Fittings Testing Centre

The Australian Pipes & Fittings Testing Centre is accredited to ISO 17025 by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Australia, and is the only laboratory dedicated for the testing of pipes and fittings to various Standards which include Australian, European and International Standards.

The staff employed at the laboratory have a combined experience of more than 22 years within the plastics industry specifically with manufacturing, quality control and the research and development of plastic piping systems including PVC, U-PVC, M-PVC, O-PVC, PE, ABS, PP and PB.


The Australian Pipes & Fittings Testing Centre aims to provide a quality testing service which includes using competent staff to conduct testing as per the relevant Standards, and providing clear, concise and reliable reports that can provide confidence to our clients.

Services provided include type testing, batch release testing, root cause analysis for field failures and non-destructive testing of samples. For a full scope of testing services provided, please refer to the NATA website: