Material suppliers

Inform Plastics manufacture and supply quality pipe and striping compounds. These products are listed on the Approved Compounds List of PIPA and meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4130.
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Polypropylene manufacturer
Redox markets a range of close to 1,000 different organic and inorganic raw materials. The range is sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world and supplied to clients in 140 different industries.
Qenos is Australia’s only manufacturer of polyethylene for pipe applications, employing more than 600 staff in the development, manufacture and distribution of polyethylene at facilities in Melbourne and Sydney.
Price Plastics has been supporting the plastics industry for over 15 years, manufacturing specialty polyethylene compounds and powders which are marketed under the “Microtuff” range of polymers.
Australian Vinyls Corporation Pty Ltd, trading as Australian Vinyls, supplies high quality, pure vinyl resins for conversion into end-use products. In addition, they source a range of specialty products from international suppliers at the forefront of the chemical industry, including adhesives and specialty elastomers.
AGRU is a Quality Manufacturer with worldwide activities in producing and distributing of high quality plastics products for piping systems and apparatus engineering.
Basell and Lyondell Chemical Company have joined forces to create a new global leader in polymers, chemicals and refining – LyondellBasell Industries. Basell Australia Pty Ltd, a company of LyondellBasell Industries, is based in Victoria with a commitment to the Australian and New Zealand markets.


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