Technical Note

It is intended that this document is read in conjunction with the Plastic Industry Pipe Association Technical Guideline POP001 Electrofusion Jointing of PE Pipes and Fittings for Pressure Applications.

The purpose of this document is to provide commentary and information in addition to that contained in POP001 to assist in the preparation of specifications involving Electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipelines.

September, 2015

The National Construction Code Volume 3 (Plumbing Code of Australia - PCA) is published by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and provides the minimum safety, health, amenity and sustainability objectives for plumbing and drainage in Australia. The ABCB also publishes a schedule of specifications for the mandatory WaterMark Certification Scheme for plumbing and drainage products. The Standard series AS/NZS 3500 in turn provides a set of practices that are deemed to satisfy the PCA objectives.

September, 2015

The purpose of this Technical Note is to provide information relating to the emerging technologies that are being developed to non-destructively examine welds in polyethylene (PE) pipe systems.

August, 2014


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